How many hours? continued


This is really driving me nuts. I just can’t sense any reality in whatever numbers I might come up with.

Folk Art Finery now has a total of 35.5 hours which includes 14 hours for quilting.

At Home and Away is whole other story. I just don’t know how to begin. I designed this myself, so I was done over a period of almost a year…working on EQ, planning blocks, sewing them and then testing their placement and maybe not using them. For a while, I had two more borders which aren’t there now!

At Home and Away is a tied quilt, so lets say its quilting took about 8 hours. There is no applique, but lots of piecing. I could say there are 9 groups of blocks, an average of about 4 hours per group – now I’m really guessing! – so 36 hours plus 8 equals 44 hours.

Hmmm….I think I’ll say 45 hours for Folk Art Finery and 54 hours for At Home and Away. I never will keep track of hours, as who really wants to know?


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