How Many Hours?


The rule book for the quilting entries at our local fall fair states to write down on the tag “how many hours did it take to make this quilt”. (Actually, I’m sure I read this somewhere, as I’ve been thinking about this a lot, but now of course I can’t find that rule – I’ll figure it out anyway, just to be sure I have it available).

How many hours…, have you ever kept track? I guess if you quilt on commission you might, but the best I can do right now is guesstimate.

So, first up is Folk Art Finery –
9 blocks, machine appliqued – 20 minutes prep each, 15 minutes sewing each – so, about 1/2 hour each block….4 1/2 hours? I’m sure it took much longer than that!
machine appliqued border swags – 14 total, about 10 minutes prep, 10 minutes sewing, 20 x 14 is about 4 hours
yo yos – 1 hour
quilting – days and days!! I guess I could say to myself that I did an average of an hour a day total, for about two weeks, so about 14 hours?
binding – lets just say about 15 minutes for each third long side and half short side, so about 2 and half hours

This has got me laughing – as I could never sit and do anything for longer than a half hour at a time, I really have no way to know if it really might be possible to do any of the above in the amount of time I’ve come up with.

The total hours at this point in the game would be 35 1/2 hours. One full work week! Is this at all a realistic estimate?

Tomorrow, I’ll do the math on At Home and Away, and see if I can come up with some numbers I think might be reasonable.


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