Hand Blanket Stitch


Here’s the first of Twenty One Birds….pretty cute, eh? He just makes me smile. So I’ll have to remember to sew on of these whenever I’m feeling tense – its quick and easy, fusible and hand blanket stitch with two strands of floss. I did the wing’s stitches a little larger to give it more accent.

Meanwhile, I’ve discovered that I can’t needleturn applique Cherry Berry Album. I tend to have eye fatigue, hand shakes, and some coordination problems and the small details in this pattern are just too much for me to do well. So I’ve ended up deciding to do that one with a hand blanket stitch as well. With the blanket stitch, I can just keep poking at the cloth until I’m sure I’m where I want to be, there’s no risk of fraying, the thread is easy to see. I’ve started stitching it with two strands of sulky cotton blendables 30 wt. I think it looks good so far. Hopefully a picture will be here by the end of the weekend.

So now I’m without a needle turn project, which is disappointing. Perhaps I can keep looking and find one with very easy curves and points.

I still haven’t turned on a sewing machine all week – today I would really like to get going on some piecing or quilting as I do enjoy it so much – if I don’t get caught up with looking for yet another applique pattern!


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