Applique using the sewing machine


I very much enjoy hand applique, but somehow I found myself exploring machine applique over the past several months – there is so much versatility to this method, and lots of pizzazz and style can be added to your applique. I found that that these books were especially good for learning and discovering the wide choices available for machine applique –

Beth Ferrier – Invisible Applique by Machine – very good instructions on freezer paper applique, using a glue stick to turn the raw edges under
Anne Fahl – Coloring with Thread – inspirational – and do-able – thread painting on fusible applique
Janet Pitman – Applique, the Basics and Beyond – explores all kinds of applique including needleturn by hand and various methods of preparing pieces for machine applique
Sue Nickels and Pat Holly – Stitched Raw Edge Applique – these ladies have written book, with great patterns, that will inspire you to let your machine applique show and be part of the design

Here’s a picture of two small examples I worked on from Anne Fahl’s book –

And here’s a picture of the first block of the month, Flower Pot, from the new Jan Patek b.o.m. I did turned edge on freezer paper, then did a small zig zag with a tan-gold thread – I’ll use this everywhere on the quilt. I then decided to go ahead and use fusible applique for the star that is on top of the flower.

When it came to the applique for the “five cent fairy garden” – I decided to not do the method I talked about in an earlier post. All the ideas from the books listed above kept floating in my head – and I think I’ll have fun stitching these appliques using some neat techniques. As it turned out quite “springy” looking, I think I’ll put it away until the depths of winter when I’ll really need the sunshine and bright colours it has.

I’ve remembered a basket wall hanging that I put away last spring, thinking it was too fall!! So now I”m going to find that one and see what needs to be finished.


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