Quilting for judging


This is my first entry into any quilt competition, and as small and local as it may be, I’m sure the judges and viewers will be just the same as those at any other quilt show.

When I sat down to start quilting Folk Art Finery, the quilt police were looming my head – chattering away and telling me all the things I should be doing. I froze, and could hardly even begin to put the needle into the quilt. I soon relaxed, after a firm talking to myself, and reminded myself that this is my quilt that I want to enjoy making, I’m entering it into the competition to make myself be more public with my quilts, and finally, just to get the experience of what its like to have a quilt judged.

I have since found plenty to be critical about, from a technical point of view, regarding my free motion quilting which is what I’ve ended up doing on all of this quilt.

But – more importantly -as it stand now, with the centre done and the border quilting planned, I feel that this quilt is a personal triumph for me! I am so happy with the quilting designs, and I’ve had the most confidence ever in choosing and using those designs. I’ve made my own little list of what I consider to be “marks against” the quilt – I’ve got them written down and will share them after I see what the judges have to say.

Here’s a picture of part of the quilting – and that’s all I’m posting of this quilt until after its gone to the Fair.

One thing disappointing and frustrating was that I discovered I could definitely improve the look of the border quilting with a different presser foot offered by Viking – Mike went to get it for me and its on order!!! Grrrr. The store might be able to get it tomorrow, which means pick up on Saturday, or it may be a week or more. This will force me to make a decision as to whether to continue with the feet I have, or wait…..I want this done by Labour Day which believe it or not is just three weeks away!


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