I finally finished all the applique machine sewing on the Sally Post blocks and I’m well on my way to completing the setting piecing. The Almost Log Cabin has almost all the blocks done, and then that will be another top complete!

I’ve done little work on the applique – Mike’s been interested in a tv series, Mad Men, that is starting its 2nd season this weekend; he found that all twelve of last season’s episodes were being shown in a marathon this past Sunday, and pvr’d (is that a word?) all of them. So we’ve been watching this series the last couple of evenings, and I can’t do applique and watch something I’m actually interested in, at the same time (no commercials, either!)

The little I’ve done, I’m not happy with – because, yes, I’ve decided the background is too busy. And being me, I can’t just choose another background, I’m rethinking the pattern I’ve settled on and revisiting some of my other choices – partly because now that I think I’ve got a good handle on backbasting, I’d like to try it with a pattern that’s a little more complex.


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