Folk Art Finery – top done!


Its quite amazing what can get done when you work at it just a little at a time. I’ve been unwell the past several days, and have spent much less time than I usually do at my quilting. I had started the scallops on the Folk Art Finery borders this past weekend – and found them quite daunting! I’ve never worked with such large applique pieces (using freezer paper machine applique), and I chose to do yo yo’s instead of circles so that was also something new to me as far as sewing down the yo yo’s onto the top. But little by little, I was suprised to discover that I had sewn down the last yo yo this morning, and with some neatening up, the top will be ready to quilt 🙂

I ordered the backing – a nice purple and gold print that somewhat matches the inner border and yo yo colours, along with an extra couple of queen size Hobbs Heirloom batts.

I’m still working on quilting the Sudoku quilt – mostly because I’m not feeling that well, and also because I’m really in no hurry to have it to someone or to finish it for a particular reason. I’m still going with the idea of using a different free motion design or meander pattern in each large block – two done and I’m liking it so far.

My Mom has taken a liking to the strippy baskets and stars top – although she wants it for her queen size bed. I think if add a wide border to each side, that will make it big enough. I’ll have to think about what pattern though, as it has to be interesting enough on its own to be such a wide border, but she does not want any green! – so that rules out any florals. In finally found the pattern reference for this quilt – its called Noel Sampler, Fons & Porter, July/August 2005 (three part series starting that month). My top bears little resemblance to the original!

Of course the downside to not actively working on my quilts is that I find myself actively *thinking* about my quilts! More ideas of designs to make, fabrics to wish for, and uses for UFOS are all bouncing about in my head – but one step at a time. Most important is basting the queen sized At Home and Away top for tying, which is at the top of my list as soon as the weather cools off and as soon as both I’m ready and Mike has time to help.


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