Orphan Blocks & EQ6


I dug out some log cabin blocks that I had started months ago – I remember at the time that I wasn’t at all sure that the pattern for which these were made was going to be the actual top that would result. I love the look of log cabins, but I’ve never actually made one yet.

I got a dozen blocks completed, then started to play on EQ6 and my design board. This is what I’ve come up with so far – I’m going to let it sit on the design board for a few days.

EQ6 is one of my favourite, almost must-have tools for quilting. I can take a pattern and change the colours and the size and immediately see the results. I can put blocks on the design board, transfer the idea to EQ and play some more. Quilt University (www.quiltuniversity.com) offers great courses for EQ6 – Fran Gonzales is the instructor and she gives a huge amount of detailed info and great support so you never feel lost. I took the Drawing class this past spring, and finally learned some tricks that take me beyond trying to draw everything with a nine patch grid, lol. In August (bad timing for me, but I am so looking forward to this new class) Fran is instructing a new program at Quilt University on EQ layouts – I’m sure I”ll love this one and get some fresh ideas and new techniques and shortcuts.

Week one almost done

Scott has been terrific about attending his summer school – I think he’s enjoying it but won’t admit it. He does make a point of saying it was boring, but later a few happier comments escape. Meanwhile Wendy is acting like the monster of the morning. She has to be up at 6:15 and out the door at 7:00 for her volunteer work at a summer camp – there is nothing I can do right according to her – any suggestions for her breakfast and lunch are snarled at; tears and whining that she can’t find a hat or sunglasses that are right where they were left the night before. I sure hope this act doesn’t carry over to next week. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying some nice days cleaning up some projects while I await for the quilting to begin when my sewing machine comes home.


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