Lookee what I found – "new" Piece o Cake


I know I should not be looking at applique patterns, and I should be prepping the At Home and Away for tying and embroidery, but – yesterday I found this wonderful re-introduced Piece O Cake pattern –

Its called a Walk in the Mountains, the patterns are downloadable, with good pics and general instructions, from their website www.piecocake.com.

I’m already planning the fabrics for this one – the plan for the browns and blues with the Applique Delight blocks is put away. I’ve been wanting to do a more pictorial type applique design for quite some time, but ones I’ve seen by some very talented applique artists, see much too complicated to me for some reason. Because this is from Piece O Cake, I feel that I can get started on this type of applique design with some re-assurnace that its designed by the very ladies who got me started on applique in the first place.

Here’s an interesting use of space…

Mike had cooked up some barbeque pork tenderloin for next day sandwiches – he then thinks that he’ll try the meat grinder that we picked up (unknown to us) in a box lot at the same auction that I got the vintage quilt blocks. While I’m cutting up those blocks, and pressing them for the hexagon piecing, he’s wandering around trying to figure out where he can clamp the meat grinder (our counter is too thick). So I said, try my ironing board (right next to the kitchen). So here you go,

Here’s the picture I was really aiming to take – an assortment of the fabrics for the hexagons –

I’ve got at least six of several of the colours, so I’m thinking of arranging them in a diamond pattern so I won’t have to introduce new fabric to make a grandmother’s flower garden pattern, and stick to the idea of making something small – just using the fabrics retrieved from the blocks.

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