Stop the presses! Or…re-do all the planning!


Have I ever got myself into a pickle. I finished a queen size quilt top that I had designed, with the intent of entering into our local fall fair last September. I never got it quilted – and put forward the idea for this year. So now I’ve taken the quilt out of its storage, taken a good look at – great! I still love it! – pulled out the batting I had put away for it, I’ve already made the backing, *then* I go to take a look the rules for the fair competition, to review them.

Get up the web address – start reading – oh oh – good and bad news – they’ve changed the requirements for the different classes – first time in years they’ve been changed. Good news – I don’t have to try to quilt this humongous quilt on my regular size sewing machine (the longer arm sewing machine is having fits, so while its in service, I wanted to get this quilt started to be sure to meet the deadline). They’ve changed the size of the machine quilted quilt, for the provincial class, to a minimum of 48″ x 48″. That gives me more options on what to enter – but, do I have one ready enough to consider? Hmmmm…

There’s a new “tied quilt” entry – I have tied one quilt before, and I could do that with the queen size pieced top I have – it would mean being awfully warm this summer with a quilt on my lap, as I don’t have a hoop, but likely much easier than trying to machine quilt it.

There are three new machine quilted classes – again, I’d have to think if I have any I could consider entering.

So I think there goes my applique and hexagon plans – instead I’ll be spending lots of time tying a quilt 🙂


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